Posted by: patriciamar | February 5, 2016

Busy, busy #amwriting #amediting

Publication preparations are underway!  The spreadsheet is up, the to-do list is full, and I have coffee in hand.  I’ve got my stories compiled (14, I think…), but I’m already so tired!  Yowza.

So often I wish that the publication process were as enjoyable as the writing process.  The editing process, too, leaves much to be desired in terms of joy, but this to-do list!  Argh!

It’s long.

There are a few things about it that I do enjoy.  Website editing and creation can be a pain in the arse, but it can also be fun (Updated!: Thoughts?  Suggestions?  Be kind, I’m pretty inexperienced in this world).  I might even figure out what to do with my Wandering Canalside Facebook Page.  I don’t think I’m ready for an author page yet.  Suggestions? I also enjoy working on cover design, tweeting randomly related tidbits by way of procrastination, and reading, which I have just been told is “professional development.”  Hell, yes it is!  What could be better for a writer than reading?

There’s also YouTube, the spot where my procrastination finds its home.  But I’ve found some surprisingly great songs and videos lately.  Check out this newish one with Paul McCartney, Rihanna and Kanye, and this ooooold one with the best backup dancers in the entire world!

Returning to this whole publication day thing…

I have a habit of setting a date and then forcing it through, which works well for me.  If there’s no date, I tend to glide along a little too slowly.  I’m a mid-level procrastinator.  It could be worse, but it could be much much better as well.

I have ample upcoming events, and I’ll be attempting to do better at keeping this blog updated.  For now, here are a few that I am looking forward to, and that I hope you’ll be interested in too!

March is Reading Month!  31 Posts in 31 Days: My Favorite Books!

The release of “Case by Case Basis,” a book of short stories

Charcoal and ink sketches by Natalie Willers in “Case by Case Basis”

possible guest posts!

Sac Beer Week!

(whoops, that last one’s from my procrastination list)




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