I’ve decided this is who I’m going to be.  A writing, fake-tattoo wearing, biking, beer drinking, teaching, language speaking reader.


As you well know, the perfect job is harder to come by than we are taught growing up.  In fact, even a satisfactory job is fairly hard to find nowadays.  After a couple of years in the workforce, I discovered a dire need for adventure and inspiration and ended up in The Netherlands, where my husband and I were both in Master’s programmes where it was completely normal to spend an hour or two debating whether it is indeed important that some people say roof and some people say ruf.  Hello, Linguistics.

I started this blog in the fall of 2008 while there at Leiden University.  While many times it served as an update and anecdote service for my family and friends about life in the Netherlands, it was started because of my interest in writing and my lack of a decent outlet.

In November of 2013, after six years of writing before and after work through fatigue, grading, and rain, I completed a novel, Wandering Canalside.  The story follows a woman named Clara who leaves life in the U.S. and heads to The Netherlands.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going, and sometimes going foreign is just the way to go—a “non-American dream,” perhaps.  If you like travel, particularly a certain brand of wandering about with no map or any purpose to speak of, please give it a try.  Wandering Canalside reaches out to anyone who has ever caught a glimpse of another world. For me, it was Holland, for you, it could be anywhere.

Stemming from forty or fifty word documents of tidbits and ideas, I have now put the finishing touches on a book of short stories that was released April 30th. Case by Case Basis includes just over a dozen stories that I’ve been piddling with for the last few years, as well as a handful of poems.

…I’m not sure yet if all will go swimmingly.  I’ll have to be patient, wait and see.




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