Posted by: patriciamar | February 23, 2016

Hynotizing, isn’t it?

The whole scene comes together in an oddly disconcerting way, leaving you feel unsettled.

What is this strange temporary exhibit of paved paradise?

For the past month, a tattered bay window on 21st and I in Sacramento has showcased a temporary art exhibit by Mehran Mesbah, artist and curator of the exhibit and space.  On the left a solid block of leaves floats, hardened. Simultaneously and disparately, uncatalyzed silicone rubber drips in a thin tendril down to the bottom of its world. On the right is another natural piece, the shadows of leaves on a sidewalk displayed on a screen, looping. They bristle a shiver.

For one more weekend, passersby can see the first installation of this new project, put in place by Mesbah.  The display is not always visible; you have to wait for weekends to see things in action on the southeast corner of 21st and I.

For more information or to become a part of the experience—creating, performing, building, writing or whatever else comes to mind, contact Mesbah or stop by the exhibit when he’s out front, likely drinking spiked tea or something from Sun & Soil.

Is this paved paradise a future?  Maybe not, but you’ve likely not seen plastic drip in this way, so either way, it’s worth checking out.  The exhibit will be up for one more weekend. Stop by.


P.s. Wanted: Marquee

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