Posted by: patriciamar | April 28, 2015

Review: The Fault in our Stars

I miss Augustus Waters already.  “The Fault in Our Stars” made my week last week, and the moment I turned the last page, I began missing the spry characters and their truly delightful dialogue.  For the longest time I didn’t want to read the book.  I read for pleasure, and I was decidedly certain that it would be too morbid, just as decidedly certain I am that I am a wordily wordy writer.  However, having read the book, I would never label it as “morbid.”  I don’t know how John Green prepared for writing it.  I sort of, kind of want to look it up, but I don’t want the story of Hazel and Gus to be affected by anything.  I love it the way it is, so I suppose I’ll just remember them, and leave the musings of reading like a writer at rest this time.

If you need a quick read, if you need to reaffirm in your heart that not all high schoolers are dicks, or if you have ever been absolutely obsessed with one book, then pick this one up this weekend.

I might be falling in love with John Green.

Have you read “Let it Snow,” by the way?  I can’t wait until next December when I can read it again.

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