Posted by: patriciamar | February 15, 2011

The Aberdeen of my Eye

Following several weeks of sunshine, clear skies, beach time, and even a bit of a tan, the rain has returned to Sacramento.  Fortunately, in just a few days, I am out of here for five days!  Unfortunately, I’m going to South Dakota, which isn’t exactly the apple of my eye in terms of climate.  I’m not even going to Sioux Falls, I’m going to a little city south- I mean North, on I29.  Who even knew there was anything up there? 

There’s North Dakota…

I just watched a National Parks video and they said that there were still 80,000 buffalo roaming the U.S., most of them in T.R.’s National Park in the western half of North Dakota.


But anyway, back to Aberdeen, South Dakota, the home of the annual Wizard of Oz festival.  I don’t want to divulge any real secrets, but I just- might- know a little girl who played Dorothy for the Aberdeen Wizard of Oz festival in the early nineties. 

So, my upcoming trip to Aberdeen.  Aberdeen is like the Job of U.S. cities, I swear it.  No offense, Little- but I see the news. 

Flooding in Aberdeen

Blizzard producing 37 inches of snow hits Aberdeen

15 days straight of rain in Aberdeen, it floods

Suffocating heat stifles Aberdeen citizens

Aberdeen area crops dying from the suffocating heat

Weather so hot trees are spontaneously bursting into flames… in Aberdeen

A downpour of rain saves Aberdeen’s crops, but unfortunately, causes more flooding, lots more

It goes on and on!  Is there a good season in Aberdeen?  Ah, but yes there is.  There might actually be two.  They’re tiny and probably off the radar for some, but I am on to them.  The first is the Wizard of Oz festival.  Who doesn’t love a good flying monkey?

The second is going to be Little’s wedding.  That’s right, I will go out on a brittle and ice covered limb and say that it’s going to be a beautiful February weekend in Aberdeen, South Dakota.  I think it’s going to warm.  The sun is going to be shining and the wind won’t be blowing and the temp will be…


That’s right, 40 degrees, not just 32, not even 35, but a nice, balmy, winter 40.

Here’s hoping.


  1. For your information, on the way home from the wedding, we were caught in a blizzard and had to spend the night in Watertown, SD in a hotel. Damn you, Aberdeen.


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