Posted by: patriciamar | March 23, 2011

Blowing Wet Leaves

As I watch out the cafe window, sipping a large coffee, the rain trickles down the window pane.  My toes are cold, probably due to the open-toed shoes I decided to wear despite the rain.   Across the street, an older man attempts to clean the leaves, seeds, and small branches from the sidewalk in front of his home. 

He beats the nose of the leafblower on the ground, displaying his agitation and growing aggression against the pile of wet leaves that just won’t blow away.  

Some people just don’t know when to hang up the leafblower.  This attitude, on the whole, is why 70 percent of my life here in Sacramento is polluted by the rumbling noise of a leafblower.  

Just leave the leaves alone when they’re wet!  Or, if you just cannot handle that, then get a steel broom, because a leaf blower just isn’t going to cut it.

Plus, your leafblower isn’t going to last very long if you keep banging it on the ground like that.


  1. Patricia, I’m going to Leiden in September to do my MA and your words have inspired me so much. Thank you.


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