Posted by: patriciamar | November 10, 2010

Finally a Break

Today, I arrived at my subbing job and the school looked very empty.  I checked in with the office and- hurray!- it’s a short day, Late Start Wednesday! 

My classes thus far have been good, nothing too crazy, but I’ve still come home everyday exhausted and with no voice.  It takes a while to toughen up that “loud” voice. 

A late start is obviously good news for the kids, good news for me, and good news for all the things that I need to get done!  Phew, finally a nice little break.  Matt has gotten to watch movies all day long and gotten numerous prep periods – finally, my turn.  It was actually quite lucky that today I dropped off Matt rather than the other way around.  So, I took the Merc (that’s what the Brits call them- I just found out) and headed to a place that is everyone in Sac’s “third place,” the Donut Shop.  Delicious donuts and fresh coffee for only $2.  Lovely.  Plus, I got to spend my morning writing for NaNoWriMo (well, plus this, and reading my buku [Indonesian = book], plus people watching, man people can eat donuts around here!)

p.s.  I have also learned that there are no “long johns” here, these are called “bars.”  One maple bar and one chocolate bar please…

Whatever.  One creme-filled chocolate longjohn please!

p.s.s.  The donut shop also sold snow cones.  For some reason I found this highly amusing.

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