Posted by: patriciamar | July 26, 2010

A new sleep spot, Buttercup, and hey-oh Chico

I wake to the click, click of a lighter and after a minute or two, I smell a waft of Jasmine incense that has crossed the room.  It is 7:40 and I just woke from my first nap in my new bedroom.  After 10 months in this apartment, we have given in  and decided to officially call the futon our bed.  It is now in the bed spot in the back of the apartment.  Yet another success, I have almost made it through my first day without coffee after a long, long string of days with a lot of coffee.  And- the summer school is over.

So many things have happened and such a turn of events that it is almost inconceivable.  (Ah, one of the things that happened was that I watched The Princess Bride – I recommend.).  So- inconceivable.  Matt and I are moving back to the Usa.  (You can pronounce it this way too, like a slavic woman’s first name, Usa.)    We have purchased our tickets, conveniently scheduling a stopover in Iceland for one day (!), we have decided upon a plan of attack for that thing that most people have… I think it’s called a job, and we have even narrowed it down to four cities where our next apartment will be located.  These are all cities where our next plans are most likely to successfully develop, which mainly means that they must be moderately sized, have schools (high schools, junior colleges, community colleges, and maybe even a state college) and for one reason or another they must seem fun.  Here goes:  Santa Rosa area, Chico, San Francisco or bay area, and Sacramento.  If you have any thoughts, be sure to let us know.  We are, of course, open to strong opinions.


  1. Stop over in New Jerrrrrrseeeey!


  2. You know what my real preference is, but since you must adjust to living in the Usa gradually by moving to California… I would love to visit you in San Fran.


    • Wouldn’t it be great!? We are looking forward to visiting your new home in Rochester as well!

      P.S. We have been thinking that in November, you might have a few days when you don’t have to work. You miiight want a little wee vacation by then. Sooo… you could fly out to CA and visit us and drive back with us if we drive for the wedding. Fun, eh? & just a one-way! At least keep it in mind…

      Miss you!


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