Posted by: patriciamar | May 5, 2009

Lariam / Mefloquine

Stay tuned for more information on why this is the most evil drug on the Earth…

I didn’t like pharmaceutical companies before… But now I think they may be pure evil. Who puts this on the market? Anything that causes 10 percent of users to have psycho-neurological side effects or anything of the sort just should not be on the market.
I mean, people actually live in Indonesia. They have normal, mellow lives, and are obviously not all taking these evil anti-malaria drugs.
And this was just a test run.
Never Ever recommend Mefloquine (also called Lariam). Never take it, never think about taking it, and never allow someone you know to take it.
Even if you hate them. Don’t let them take it. It’s just too cruel.

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