Posted by: patriciamar | April 25, 2009

Waking up before the bubble bursts

Some days you wake up and you just feel great and ready to go.  Today is the day I will finish that draft, finish that project, etc. etc.  The main obstacle is that period of time in between actually getting out of bed and starting that project.  Of course, this could be five minutes, but at brushing your teeth (a given), maybe a shower, some days even a run before that, and you should always eat breakfast, or maybe throw in a quick load of laundry…

Pretty soon, you are sitting at the desk staring blankly.  The moment is gone, the rush is gone, the motivation is gone.   Now, how do you get that back?

Do you just wake up and head straight to the computer?  Even if it’s 6 a.m.?  Do you not brush your teeth?  What are the real critical moments that are about to slump your start?  And why isn’t there a little internal device in me that warns me when I am about to burst the positive bubble?  Wait! Don’t do that!   You are going one step too far!  Just work on the paper!

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