Posted by: patriciamar | April 21, 2009

My Bloggal outrage on Pepsi Max

I have just discovered that Pepsi Max is actually Diet Pepsi Max.

It really isn’t. It’s just called Pepsi Max. But it has no sugar and less than 1 kcal.

Apparently this is the whole marketing scheme for it… Pepsi Max: Pepsi flavor, no sugar, maximum taste, and extra caffeine.
This is not what I was looking for. I was looking for actual Pepsi flavor, normal sugars (though I understand this is actually high-fructose corn syrup), and extra caffeine.

Am I just confused as to what Pepsi Max actually is???
Is it the Pepsi equivalent to Coke Zero? or is it the Pepsi with extra caffeine? I am just so confused. Since I am not living in the U.S., I don’t get to see a gajillion commercials explaining the advantages and the disadvantages and the Coke/Pepsi equivalence.

What if I want just the Pepsi (regular) with extra caffeine and not the Pepsi (diet) with extra caffeine???

Does this not exist?

Am I in some European bizarro Pepsi world where things are not the same?

The other day I explained to someone that there is no such thing as Coca-Cola Light in the U.S. It’s Diet Coke there. It becomes “Light” rather than “Diet” once it crosses an international border.

At least I think so.
Who knows anymore?
Whatever happened to transparent marketing?
I just wanted a Pepsi with extra caffeine.

I suppose I should’ve just stuck with Dr. Pepper.


  1. I am very confused also, and I live in the US and NO the endless TV commercials have not explained it to us. Just what is Coke Zero. Can a diabetic mother-in-law have it? Zero to me means nothing – no sugar, no caffeine, but apparently there is sugar and now I’m not even sure if its no caffeine! For me, I’m just sticking to Diet Coke, which by the way does taste different from Coca Cola Light. I could tell when we got back home and I savored a very COLD Diet Coke!


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