Posted by: patriciamar | April 13, 2009

The B & the B

I was just down on the first floor changing my laundry.  Overall, the trip was highly unsuccessful, as there were no open dryers, and my clothes were covered with white stuff from some mysterious and evil pocket remnant.  There were actually two open dryers,  but one was showing absolutely no sign of life, and the other had so much life that I thought it may start my clothes on fire.  I was then forced to bring all my wet clothes back up… and it is now hanging outside on my balcony railing- underwear and all.  I am like an old woman.

Fortunately, there was one positive aspect of the trip down to the erste verdieping (1st Floor)…  On the way back to the stairs, (okay, I’m lying, I took the elevator).  On the way back to the elevator, I heard familiar music coming from a nearby apartment.  I was quickly able to place the tune in my backlogs of memory and yes – that’s what it was- the theme song for The Bold & the Beautiful.  Fabulous.

Now, I can very safely say that I was never a soap opera addict.  I know this show as well as tidbits of The Young & the Restless from my childhood and periods of time when my mother, or my babysitter, or maybe my college roommate (though I think that was As the World Turns…???), or whoever, used to watch these nice, oh-so-artistic, yet trashy shows.  Ahh, the life of soap operas.  This apartment building incident brought several things to mind…

Firstly, how is it that someone is watching (and loudly, might I add), The Bold & the Beautiful, at 5:00 p.m. in Leiden, Netherlands, in my Smaragdlaan apartment building???

I would have to guess that they are watching via YouTube, Surf the Channel, or some other sketchily broadcast version.  Maybe I should have took the one minute to listen and see if I could tell just what Thorn is up to nowadays…

But really- listening to a soap opera through someone’s door sounds a bit creepy… Though from the looks of the situation, I am guessing that this particular student is so addicted that they would probably have invited me in to watch.

My second thought was more of a realization that The B&tB theme song must be one quality recording if I was able to recognize it in less than ten seconds after not having heard it for at least a decade.  I should probably look up who the writer is… It’s probably the same asshole who wrote that Five Dollar Footlong jingle that makes me what to stab out my eyes.

But so darn catchy.

Oh, the soap opera life.

Now, back to thesis denial.

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