Posted by: patriciamar | April 13, 2009

The State of Maine

I was in bed last night, not sleeping, and thinking about the state of Maine…  Isn’t it strange that I have never met anyone from Maine nor have I ever met anyone who has been to Maine???  I do not even think that I have met anyone who has every known anyone who has either lived in or visited Maine.

In all honesty, I actually looked up the state to make sure I spelled Maine correctly.  I understand that this sounds a bit exaggerated and ridiculous, but in my defense, there is someone in my hometown with the last name, Maine, and I knew that they were pronounced the same, but for some reason, I thought they were spelled differently.  So, I knew that the name was spelled, M-a-i-n-e, so then I thought that maybe the state name was spelled differently, even though I knew it was, obviously, not spelled, M-a-i-n.

So about Maine… Perhaps the state of Maine is actually a figment of our imagination.  It doesn’t actually exist.

Or –

It does exist, but it was seceded to Canada years ago and is now some ex-urbial territory of New Brunswick, the Canadian province that no one would know existed except for the fact that they (along with Quebec) are ineligible for most giveaways and contests.

I did actually meet someone someone from New Brunswick once.  It was in Mexico and he immediately accused me of not knowing where New Brunswick was.  This made me pretty angry… I am really- where am I from, Georgia?  Just kidding.  Sorry Georgia, that was a low blow.  And mainly because I met someone from Georgia once who didn’t know that South Dakota existed.  They said they knew there was a North Dakota, but they didn’t know there was a South Dakota.  I am in no way defending South Dakota and their huge importance to the country, but she was from the United States.  Even if you can’t list all fifty in under seven minutes, you should be able to at least identify if they exist or not.

Except for Maine, that one’s a kicker.

Let me know if you’re from Maine… I’m interested.

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