Posted by: patriciamar | May 5, 2009

Coffee & Alcohol

Since my evil drug debacle (I even looked this up to make sure it works: complete collapse or failure; sudden downfall), I have had ultimately no coffee or alcohol. I did smell Matt’s cup of coffee once, and in Amsterdam, I had two sips I think, but otherwise – none. Down from about 3-6 cups a day. In the world of alcohol, it’s not like I was a rockstar or anything, but I did enjoy sunset happyhour on my balcony. Now- nothing. zilch. I think I may have had a sip of Matt’s Rochefort 10 the other day… but other than that, wine currently looks more like a cleaning solution than a beverage.

Hopefully I can stomach a bit more before our trip to Mpls – which is stocked with trips to Common Roots and the traditional Leaning Hour at the Happy Tower.

Either way, feeling healthier at the least…

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