Posted by: patriciamar | February 24, 2009

Mattie and Pat

I have decided that I really enjoy folk music.  This is a bit bizarre for me,  but if you didn’t know, I am working to slowly morph into a hippie.  (Primarily so I don’t have a heart attack or other type of stress induced incident at a young age.)  I’m just too old now to be high strung.

After Joni Mitchell (of course), I really enjoy a couple that sings and plays together called Mattie and Pat.  No, no affiliation at all… what unlikely names, eh?  I first heard them on Prairie Home Companion, and unfortunately, so far I have only found their music on their myspace page.  They only have a few songs, but I recommend checking it out. (especially the song, Honky Tonkin’)

Also, Mattie just appears to be the most likeable person on the earth.  She also looks remarkably like someone I went to high school with… Maybe I’ll check this out.  If there are any other folksie artists that you know of, please let me know.

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