Posted by: patriciamar | February 23, 2009

Working out in the Netherlands

For quite a while now, I have been working out furiously. Unfortunately, this is not because of my own internal drive or motivation… It’s because I am so annoyed by the people at the rec center. The U of M Rec Center of course had its fair share of more hoe-like attendees. But I now see that it can be much, much worse.

The men here, like in most other recreational centers, mostly pretend to work out, but really just talk and flex their muscles. Just one thing… the Dutch men… not so muscular. (There are some yes, but the majority fit the stereotype: tall, thin, floppy haired bicyclists). Another interesting thing is that the Dutch men like to weigh themselves.
A lot.
I really don’t think that one set of presses really affects your weight that much.

In reality, the men don’t really bother me that much. The women annoy me to an extreme level. You frequently see the usual – I go to the rec primarily to pick up men – and this is fine. Understandable at least. Sometimes one just must look for a mate.

But! It is entirely inappropriate to wear a skirt while working out! And while I can let the ridiculously tight strappy tanktops go, I am not as forgiving of the lacy colored bra sticking out the top of the slutty tanktop. Today, there were approximately 30 people in the main workout room, eight or nine of them being women. I happened to notice that I was the only person wearing a sportsbra. The only one. Seriously? This is not the yoga room or the dance room or the cycling room, but the weight room/elliptical/running room. I almost cannot take it.
Except it does make me work harder out of my annoyance. And I suppose there isn’t really much else I can do but perservere through my annoyance (no, ignoring it just doesn’t seem to be an option).


  1. It’s true! It’s true!! Those Dutch men are only there to hang out. I bet you could lift more weight than them any day. They’re only there to socialize and look at the scantily dressed girls.


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