Posted by: patriciamar | February 25, 2009

Death by Lekkerbeklessness

Today, op de markt, I finally got some Lekkerbek. 

This is quite a relief, considering that earlier this week I was coming quite close to death by lekkerbeklessness.  It was rough, but now I am doing well (as is Matt, who ate most of it).

For those of you who don’t know, (most of you) Lekkerbek is basically a giant slab of fried fish (not really too giant, but quite big for midwestern standards).  This can then be covered in delicious garlicky-like sauce (or not), put in a bun, or just eaten out of the palm of your hand… or more like, hanging off the edge of both sides of even the most giant hand.


Now don’t get too worked up, this friedis amazing and delicious and not fried-chicken-like at all.  It is delicious and juicy and wonderful… Who would’ve thought that I would like a fried slab of fish so much.  Perhaps I am dutchifying.  I am pretty much made of stroopwafel by now. 

So I guess this is just the next step.

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