Posted by: patriciamar | February 22, 2009

Naming your Pet

Naming a pet can be a difficult task.  When I see an animal, I usually instinctually feel a name for it.  In Leiden, our building is blessed with a fairly good sized lawn and thus, a number of dogs taking care of things.  With each dog (and one cat), I like to choose a name that I think best represents the being.  This is, of course, all in good practice for when Matt realizes that we should get a beautiful bear puppy.  Or at least a turtle.  Or maybe a fish.

If you need an original name for your pet, you can always contact me and I can help you by creating a list of possibilities.  I will need a picture of the being in order to best produce suitable names.  For your reference, I have included some additional rules and commentary that should be used by everyone when naming a pet.  Please not that this list is only for pets, and does not at all apply to humans.  I once had a doll named Ennhiahlaiynah (Enni for short).  I’m not so good with the human-like names.

1.  Did you ever notice that a huge number of pets are named after Native American tribes?  Why is this?

2.  Do not name your pets after friends or relatives.  I’m pretty sure that this is just insulting.

3.  I have noticed that many pet names are adjectives.  This is okay. (Spunky, Jolly).  Try adding a -y to any word to make a great pet name (Lampy, Pluggy, Muggy) (Yes, I am sitting at a desk, but aren’t they all cute names?)  Puns are also fun  (Long Hair(d)y= Long Harry).  Just kidding, that wasn’t a good one.

4.  I’m really better at this than it seems.  I think I’m having an off-night.  I really do need to see the pet.


  1. P.s. Matt has just agreed on a fish.


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