Posted by: patriciamar | February 10, 2009

Copious Amounts of Nutella

Just how much is a copious amount of Nutella?  This seems like a quite logical question, as I would have to think it would vary greatly among users.  And what exactly is Nutella?  Truthfully, I believe it is a type of Hazelnut spread.  To be even more truthful, I would say it is a chocolate and hazelnut spread that probably crosses the line of a breakfast spread for toast and borders more on frosting.

I typically eat it on toast for breakfast.

With sprinkles.

And I’m actually not even kidding.

Though I will admit that one piece is plenty, two is a bit much for breakfast.

Besides Nutella or toast with sprinkles (okay, so I combine both and this isn’t reeeaally a typical Dutch thing, but oh, well) a typical Dutch breakfast consists of a cheese sandwich and a half liter of milk.  A typical Dutch lunch consists of a cheese sandwich and a half liter of milk.  Sometimes a fried croquette accompanies this… Yet another typical Dutch treat.  A typical Dutch dinner consists of something… and potatoes.  And likely bread, and probably a half liter of milk.  Although this may seem like a strange diet at first, is it really that strange?  In Minnesota, I would argue that we drink copious amounts of milk, a pretty good amount of potatoes, and meat.  Lots of meat.  Most international students that I discuss the Dutch diet with are most shocked about the amount of milk.  A half liter per day… “hmm,” they think, “this is quite a bit.” But then when you clarify – no a half liter per meal; usually just astonishment.  I admit that I do not drink a half liter of milk with each meal, but yesterday when I realized that my milk was unopened and was best if consumed by today, I still managed to drink the whole liter, and it really wasn’t that big of a deal.   Yum.

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