Posted by: patriciamar | February 22, 2009

Taking the Day off…

Every once in a while you really need to just take the day off.  I’m not really talking about a vacation day from work, but a day in the weekend (or go ahead and take a vacation day…).  The important thing is to be able to take a day off and not feel guilty about doing nothing.  Also, doing nothing does not actually have to be doing nothing.  You can just do things you have been wanting to do (for you) and actually do them (again without guilt).  Watch a movie, read a book, go sit outside in the sun and drink lemonade (fresh squeezed, of course), write limericks about your crazy neighbors, or read wikipedia articles all day.  Just do whatever you want.  And don’t feel bad.  I’m sure most of you are thinking about how you can easily do this and you don’t know what guilt I’m even referring to.   Yeah, right.

Today, I drank coffee and ate suikerbrood.  Then I watched Friends, wrote, made pea soup (seriously) and then watched the Parent Trap (new).   I ate pea soup, and I ate a lot of chocolate too.  (Bon Bon Bloc, in case you’re wondering).  Maybe next I’ll watch the Parent Trap (old).  I did help Matt identify relative and complement clauses in Aymara…. but that was just for a few minutes.

I think I might have another cup of coffee and stay up all night.  I really love taking the day off.

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