Posted by: patriciamar | March 31, 2016

Read on!

It was not possible for me to make it a full month trying to write about a favorite book every day, but it was very enjoyable to try!

Without a doubt, reading and writing go together.  So many times I made it to a new blank blog post, just to turn around and head back to the bookshelf, preferring to read or seeking another option to write about.  Other days I would sit right down at the computer, open Word Press, and then turn to “Case by Case Basis” for a little more editing or with a sudden spark of an idea to improve a story.  Still other days, I took a nap or finished my grading…

Oh, well.

Right now I am aching to finish “The Nightingale.”  Did you read a review about it yesterday?  If so, that means I finished it in time to write a blog post before the end of March.  If there was no post yesterday, well maybe another day.

All things considered, after this month of writing reviews, I recommend taking the time to think about your favorite books, and maybe even writing about them!  If you have a favorite book post and want me to repost it, I certainly will!  If you want to post something here, contact me and I’m sure we can make it work!  As you may have noticed, I had a few blank days mid to late month.  So… tired…Want to… read…

For year round inspiration in reading, do a reading challenge or peruse Goodreads.  Ask a friend or colleague (or your bartender!) what they’re reading and try something new or different.  When you’re feeling under the weather, read something that makes you feel warm inside, and when you’re feeling brave but lazy, read something that scares you.  “The Shining,” for example, is on my list!

Do a Bout of Books (the next is coming up May 9) sometime too!   It’s a fun little community and you get to use the #amreading hashtag a lot that week!

I have a proof copy of “Case by Case Basis” in the mail, so I do believe I’m on schedule for April 22.  Please stay tuned!  It will be available on Amazon immediately, Kindle shortly after, and B&N and other expanded channels early to mid-May!


To close, here are a few other books that I considered this month.  This list could go on forever, I know.

Forever (Judy Blume)

Life After Life (Kate Atkinson)

Water for Elephants (Sara Gruen)

Coffee at Luke’s (edited by Jennifer Crusie)

Three Cups of Tea (Greg Mortenson) *(previously reviewed, actually)

Songbook (Nick Hornby)

The Selection (series by Kiera Cass)

David Sedaris — anything, really

Our Own Piece of Paris (Ellie Nielson)

Daily Degradations (Chris Heeter)

Henry James’ Midnight Song (Carol de Chellis Hill)

Midnight Sun (partial-leaked- by Stephanie Meyer)

Amelia’s Notebook (Marissa Moss)

Reading is love, no?

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