Posted by: patriciamar | February 7, 2010

A Review: Three Cups of Tea

I started reading Three Cups of Tea, and soon, my mind was racing. Even after I had finished, I had to read the acknowledgements just to remind myself that, yes, it was a real story. The events in the book actually happened; People really can make this much of a difference. The book is so energizing, so full of truth, and so real, I truly could not decide who I wanted to pass the book onto first.

Now that I have finished this amazing account of Greg Mortenson’s repeated trips and trials through Pakistan and Afghanistan, I cannot help but think that it should stay on my shelf forever. While providing the opportunity for thousands of children to receive an education, the situations that he gets himself into and out of are nothing short of terrifying, yet he somehow continued for longer than I thought anyone could live off of will alone.

When I am looking for inspiration and a way to rejuvenate my belief in hope, this is where I will turn. The selfless steps Mortenson takes each day remind you that if you take things moment by moment, one step at a time, unbelievable things really can be accomplished.

If you are interested in the world, it will inspire you further, and if you are uninterested and uniformed, you should read the book as well, if simply to reaffirm the fact that peace and education go hand in hand. I hope that I will never again doubt overenthusiastic or hard-charging ideals, whether they are mine or someone else’s, because now, after reading about his story, I cannot imagine thinking that something is impossible.

Three cups of tea : one man’s mission to fight terrorism and build nations- one school at a time / Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin.

Website for the Central Asia Institute: 

Please keep in mind that if you buy the book off of the link on the above site, part of the proceeds go to the Central Asian Institute!  Thanks!


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