Posted by: patriciamar | March 9, 2016

The Mapmaker’s Dream

First of all, is this the best title ever, or what?

This is a short book that I’d almost guarantee you have never seen or heard of. I’ve had it forever, and it may, in fact, have made the trek to Mexico with me, or maybe even Holland. It’s small and portable and because of that, and it’s loveability (new word!) it has and always will have a place on my shelf.

Did I mention that I’ve never finished it?

The book is a sort of Italian monk’s journal. He is a mapmaker who only receives his information from travellers. He meets and talks to poeple from all over and hears their stories, taking them down slowly and carefully as he makes his maps.

Sounds romantic doesn’t it?

That’s what I thought. Give it a try.


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