Posted by: patriciamar | March 8, 2016

Another World is Possible If

This non-fiction book was required reading for a Global Studies course at the University of Minnesota during my undergrad. That being said, it’s obviously a bit outdated at this point.  Nevertheless, it’s still an important book for me. Author Susan George presents a picture of a possible world, (not utopian, mind you,) but a world that may be within reach if we can manage to change some of the currently messed up parts.  “Another World is Possible If” is relatively brief and very readable.  This is noteworthy because I read it during the period of my life when I was first, first studying International Politics and simultaneously discovering just how little I knew about the rest of the world — sad, but true.

I continued taking courses on international relations, international politics, different forms of governance and social programs, and although I could have easily been intimidated by the inundation of new information, I instead sucked it all in.

Along with the aforementioned course, I read “The End of Poverty” (the debated Jeffrey Sachs) and “Confessions of an Economic Hitman,” (John Perkins), both very interesting reads if changing the world is something you’d be on board with.  Currently, I am listening to the “Divide” audiobook, another work that is definitely worth a read.  It was the University of California, Davis Campus Community Book Project in 2015-2016.

Hmm, this post took me a while to get to, but it has been a nice experience, thinking back on the courses and instructors I had during such an exciting time. It’s nice being a U of M alumnus, and my brain feels good!  I should look back on a few more books from my Poli Sci days.  Brain stimulation is always a good thing.  Yesterday afternoon I helped a young Korean tutee write an argumentative essay on the best period of life.  She argued, quite well I might add, that the college years were the best.  I think she has a point!


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