Posted by: patriciamar | October 29, 2009

Koffie Huis ‘de Hoek’

While I am definitely looking forward to moving into our new apartment on Poelgeeststraat in Leiden, I am sad that our short time living in Amsterdam will be coming to an end. 

Amsterdam has so many things to do, and places to go, that it will be quite an adjustment to get back to the quiet Leiden life.  While here, I have been able to further develop my intricate system for cafe judgement, I have tried literally dozens of new cafes all over Amsterdam, and I have most certainly established a few new favorites- where the waitress knows where we sit and knows that I always start with a warme chocolade met slagroom.

Today, on my fourth to last day living in Amsterdam, I am sitting in the Koffie Huis ‘de Hoek” (the corner) and I went all out, ordering a koffie and appelgebak.  I think you can probably guess what appelgebak is- but if not, think baked apples, somewhere in between apple pie, apple crisp, and apple tart.  Yum.  My only strife (sadly) is that I have been informed that they are out of slagroom (whipped cream) for the appelgebak. 

Oddly, though I meant to try yet another new cafe today, when I used the restroom in the Koffie Huis ‘de Hoek,’ I had a strange feeling that I had been there once already.  I will have to confirm with Matt, but after a few more minutes, I am now fairly certain that I was here before.  Maybe with Beau and Zahra.  Although you would think I could remember where I’ve been and where I haven’t, in a town with hundreds of cafe’s, who could blame me?

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