Posted by: patriciamar | October 26, 2009

Players (say it like you mean it)

I usually judge a cafe by their comfy seating, their biscuits, and the type of candles that sit on the tables and how much of a cozy vibe they give out…

Against my better judgment, I am now sitting at what can only be a martini bar- called Players.  I am sitting outside on cushioned wicker benches near a very modern  pre=”modern “>looking glass encased fire and sipping a koffie verkeerd (~latte).  Everyone around me is drinking either overpriced wine or huge tropical cocktails.  I’m not exactly sure how I didn’t notice this when I sat down…

But, what can I say? I picked it for the comfy cushioned wicker benches and the warm flames spitting heat from the artistic glass tubes that will surely keep my hands a bit warmer while still allowing me to sit outside.

The waiter here is a tall, tan, and closely shaven Dutchman who, I believe, is supposed to drive the womenfolk inside of a bar that calls itself Players.  Fortunately, he was so caught off guard by my ordering a warm coffee drink rather than a strong cocktail in his martini bar, that he has decided to let me be.  & at least they are playing Frank Sinatra.

As I write, I can see a man taking a picture of a lovely Amsterdam street scene.

I also just saw someone walk by with a Madame Tussaud’s bag.  I can’t imagine what you can buy at this place.  Further, I can’t imagine what you would want to buy there.  At a wax museum?  Perhaps a small wax sculpture of Val Kilmer?

Now I can both see and hear a man peeing in a street urinal.  I guess I didn’t notice that before either.

But, where else can you see this type of unique culture!?

ahhh… Amsterdam.

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