Posted by: patriciamar | October 12, 2009


There is a small town in the Netherlands in between Rosendaal and Middleburg by the name of Goes.  I am certain that this is a lovely and quaint town; Even though, thus far, I have only seen it from the train passing through its station.

Now, I am sure you pronounced the name of this town like the third person form of the verb, to go

She goes to Goes.

But no.  Dutch is much more extraordinary than that.  Goes is actually pronounced something like goose, except instead of the /g/ sound, it is more like a /h/ in the back of your throat.  Unfortunately, it is the sound you make when you are about to spit. (It’s actually called a voiced uvular trill, but I am sure you have little to no interest in that.) 

Goes (hoose)

 And with the [s], let it whistle softly in your teeth a bit.

 Now try again.


 She goes to Goes.

 With a name like that, how can it not be a lovely place?

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