Posted by: patriciamar | October 12, 2009

Café de Pels

Coffee one of one…

Suddenly, I am standing alone on the Leidseplein with my backpack and laptop case.  It seems quieter and I realize that I am in Amsterdam in the morning.  Out even before the tourists hit Leidseplein for brunch. 

I set out for a real Dutch café, and eventually find one on a small street between Herengracht and Keizersgracht.  It is the Café de Pels, a small brown café where it appears, at first sight, that you can order just one coffee and sit and read for a few hours.  There are a few old Dutch men sitting at the front table with a load of newspapers, appearing to do just this. 

There are pictures of a soccer team on the wall from the 80’s.  At least it looks that way from the hair styles they are sporting. 

I realize too late that I chose a seat too close to the front door.  Maybe I will need that second after all.

I have approximately ninety days before Christmas.  Ninety days to prove myself… or at least prove that I can make a living out of strolling, reading, watching, and writing.

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