Posted by: patriciamar | September 19, 2009

…the goose is getting fat!

As usual, Matt and I have managed to book our next overseas trip before our current one ended. You would think that this would mean Expedia would have made us official board members by now, but- I suppose they don’t really cherish clients that search the site relentlessly to find the absolute cheapest flights possible and never add on the extras at the end… travel insurance, car rental, hotels, spa packages, health club memberships or even dinner at Hard Rock Café in the city of departure (I actually saw this as an option).  Oh well, maybe next time.

Either way, we have just purchased tickets home for Christmas!  We will be visiting Minnesota and Las Vegas, so if you live or will soon live in either of these locations, stay tuned, you’re on my list.  If you do not live in either of these locations, no worries, maybe we will hit you up next time.  We decided that this trip we would rather keep it a little simpler and not stay in 14 different places in less than four weeks like we did this summer.  (Which was a fabulous time by the way).

So… happy early Christmas! We’re coming!

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