Posted by: patriciamar | September 19, 2009

Bloody cold beer!

If you didn’t know, Bali is full of Australians.   It’s like their Mexico, or worse, their Vegas!  There is a pub very close to our hotel that has a huge 25 foot long sign that says, Bloody Cold Beer!  Below this, you can find the current AFL (Australian Football League) schedule.  If you go out at the right time, you will be surrounded by loud and very tan Australian surfers, all yelling at a big screen television and presumably, quite drunk. 

Overall, it is quite fun to be exposed to a new kind of tourist (Aussie tourists).  In Vegas and Cancun, you can easily spot these rowdy [American] college kids on spring break or summer vacation (yes, I am old, I am no longer a part of this group), and in Amsterdam, you see crazy red-faced Brits having the time of their lives.  Now, I have also seen an entire population of Aussies, decked out in Bintang gear, drinking Bintang (practically the only Indonesian beer), and getting either very tan or very burnt, depending on whether they are here for the week, or whether they have decided to stay and surf forever…

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