Posted by: patriciamar | August 25, 2009


With Indonesia, comes Rupiahs, and with rupiahs, comes calculating amounts not just in the hundreds and thousands, but millions as well.  I can honestly say that we will be spending millions on our Indonesian classes, thousands on rice and sate, and hundreds on, well, I’m not sure if you can really get anything for 100 rupiahs.  A 100 rupiah coin is, after all, only worth about a tenth of a penny.

It really shouldn’t be that hard to calculate, 14,000 rupiahs to every euro, so if my train ticket is 337,000.00  (this isn’t really a normal price, we got the expensive one, executive class) then they switch commas and decimals as well, so it’s really

337.000,00 / 14.000,00 =

See what I mean!?  It’s tough!

But, alas, Matt has helped me break through as always (although in a roundabout sort of way).

10.000,00 rupiahs to every US dollar, so- if you take rupiahs, drop the three zeros (the thousand):

337 that gives you pesos (ahh! that’s right, using our Mexican brain cells) and convert that to the dollar at the exchange rate that it was when we were there (10 to 1) and ta-dah!

About $33.70

Spectacular IndoMexicanesian dollarupiah Math.

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