Posted by: patriciamar | August 25, 2009

Just an update

Here is a temporary post on our current situation.  Sorry, it’s really just an email.  I will write more in detail now that we know there is Internet, etc.

We are in Alor!  phew.. finally .  We went from Jogja to Surabaya to
Kupang and then our flight in Kupang got cancelled and rescheduled for
the next morning, and Finally, we made it to Kalabahi, on the island
of Alor yesterday morning about 8 a.m.  Much to our surprise (although
Matt had emailed them about our flight), Pak Amos (Mr. Amos, school
supervisor for the region) and Pak Kris (the man whose homestay we are
staying at) were there at the airport to pick us up!  It was the
nicest thing ever!  Pak Amos is very very nice (as is Pak Kris), and
has taken us around to the neighboring village, Alor Kecil, where Matt
met people and set up appointments to do elicitations (wow!  what
progress already!)  The first thing he did was take us to the house of
head of the village, Bapak Sere (Mr. Sere), who was very friendly and
an island man in every way.

We saw Alor Kecil’s first house, which still had its original doorway,
from 1390, and inside the house, the man brought out the handwritten
original Koran of the town, from 1360.  It was very interesting to see
and amazing to see a book being paged through, right in front of you,
that is 600 years old.  Wow.  It looked like it should have been in a
museum!  Plus, the house was on a hill and overlooked the bay. It was
surrounded by mango, banana and jackfruit trees.

Our homestay is very nice.  Our ibu (host mother) is very very nice
and cooks delicious food.  She (Ibu Lili) is the wife of Pak Kris who
is very friendly and definitely an island entrepreneur.

Well, we just wanted to let you all know that we made it here and are
just getting settled in.  The weather is very nice and actually cools
down a bit at night (to maybe 70 degrees).

Last night we got to participate in a birthday party for one of the
other girls staying at our homestay.  Interestingly, the people at the
party (about 16 people)  were almost all doctors.  There is a program
that sends doctors to Alor (and other poorer regions of Indonesia) and
many of them are staying at our homestay.  They are very nice and most
are around our age, so I think we already have some friends!

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