Posted by: patriciamar | August 19, 2009

Coffee, Twice Steeped

Right now, as I am writing this, Matt is drinking coffee that has already been digested.  If I’m going to be really truthful, the coffee has been digested, passed through, and then, what else- picked out of poop to be brewed into coffee.  Tasty, eh?

Apparently, an animal called a civet (luwak in bahasa Indonesia) eats a hearty amount of the berries that surround coffee beans.  While eating, the actual bean inside the fruit is untouched (besides soaking up a few earthy enzymes).  The beans are eventually passed through, picked out of the said pooh (I’m not sure who first thought of this)and sent on to cafes for willing (and at least a little daring) coffee drinkers.  Because of its bizarre collection process, kopi luwak (coffee civet), is actually the rarest and most expensive coffee in the world.  It’s still not too bad at 95, 000 rupiahs ($9.50) but from what I have read, the beans can sell for up to $300 a pound. 

Not surprisingly (or surprisingly?), the coffee was quite delicious.  I did have a few sips of Matt’s cup.  It’s taste is best described as a strong, dark roast, as full-bodied and full-flavored as a real Italian espresso, not a touch of bitterness, and a heartiness that I just can’t wipe.

Overall, highly recommended.

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