Posted by: patriciamar | August 17, 2009

And then we were upgraded…

Somehow, and I have no idea how we were so lucky, Matt and I were upgraded to business class on the flight from Dubai to Jakarta.  If you think business class on domestic flights is nice…

Well, this is a dream world.  Reclining seats, leg rests, noise cancelling headphones, champagne the second we boarded, a fairly good sized television screen, numerous Friends episodes and hundreds of movies to watch and cds to listen to (it’s possible that Economy had access to this part as well), a wine list during dinner (free of course), a bag of travel toiletries that probably cost more than all the toiletries that we brought for the whole trip, dinnerware (actual dinnerware, glass plates, wine glasses, water glasses, silverware, salad bowl), a real pillow of course, and a super nice Mauritian flight attendant that helped me whenever I couldn’t figure out how to turn on all my various buttons and turned down my air conditioning when he thought I looked cold. 

Overall, the experience was almost unreal.  Matt and I kept looking at each and laughing!  We couldn’t contain it!  We clearly didn’t belong there, though I will admit, the four-year old girl sleeping across the aisle did make me feel less out of place (see what I mean, wealthy flights to/from Dubai). 

So, the moral of this story: Get upgraded.  However you do it.  It’s wonderful.

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