Posted by: patriciamar | July 16, 2009


The Dutch love mobility.  They like to be sure that every person has the ability to go anywhere (within reason) at almost any time of day.  For this reason, I can go to almost any Dutch city at almost any time of day.  Even three o’clock in the morning.  In some cases it may take a little longer than in the middle of the day, but I can still get there.

The method of transport that is most enjoyable to watch is the hoverround.  Those little motorized scooters are Everywhere!  Just today, on the way into the Centrum, I saw a field trip of hoverrounds heading out of town.  In total, there were seventeen hoverrounds.  I am absolutely not exaggerating at all.  I counted.  And so did Matt.  then we compared notes.  The most fantastic part of this hoverround parade was that the last of the seventeen was actually being pulled on a mini hoverround trailer by another hoverround – obviously in case one of the other hoverrounds breaks down.

The parade of middle to late aged hoverrounders was most likely headed towards the Valkenburgse Meer.  There, they will all park in a line and watch the million ducks swim on the lovely man made lake.  Maybe they will even stray from their scooters to take a ride on the mini-train that circles the lake in the summer.  How nice.

Mobility for everyone is so nice.

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