Posted by: patriciamar | July 15, 2009

Dutch Radio

The other day I was out running with my new mp3 player (how exciting!) and I tuned in to a classic Dutch radio station.  During the run, the music started off well with Voulez Vous from the Mamma Mia soundtrack.  Due to the fact that my morning alarm is tuned in to a Dutch station, I already knew that the playlist would be peppered with random songs in English from today- or ten years ago.  As I ran along the branch of the Rijn River (Rheine River) that runs through Leiden, a lovely Dutch ballad came on-  Maybe something like a Dutch Neil Diamond.  As I turned onto Haagsche Schouwweg, the station switched notches and, that’s right, the American classic – Born to be Wild.  What a beauty.  ha.

As I rounded the bend back to Smaragdlaan, another lovely, and by that I mean overly cheesy ballad started to play.  The Dutch ballad must be an important filler, I guess.

But then I realized -wait, this is in English… So I looked it up when I got home.

Best of my Love by the Eagles… You’ve gotta love Dutch radio.  You just can’t get such a quality mix anywhere else.

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