Posted by: patriciamar | July 8, 2009

Towards a new life!!

I am finally sitting here- free… after months of thesis work, a drug reaction, and a trip to the USA. My thesis is turned in (as of this past Monday) and in the last two months, I have been to California, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Vienna, Paris, and now – por fin… back to Leiden. This is not to say that the last month of traveling wasn’t completely wonderful, just that eventually, it is nice to be back home.

Now that I have completed my thesis and hopefully my master’s (hurray!), (it only has to be approved, so I’m just waiting), I can now do yoga everyday, read, write, submit things to hopefully support myself (hmmm…), go to the beach, ahhh.. I can’t wait. Wait… I think it has already started!!!
I think I’ll go look up a recipe for raspberry-lingonberry pie.


  1. That sounds like the life! I am totally jealous (can’t complain either though) and hope life post-thesis is everything you dreamed. 🙂


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