Posted by: patriciamar | May 22, 2009

When TGIF Was Good

Ahh, don’t we all remember the days when TGIF was still good….
Step by Step, Family Matters, and then eventually the peak – with Boy Meets World. Whatever happened to this carefree time in our life? When Friday nights were just the night you could watch TGIF on the living room floor, too close to the tv, of course.

I am, of course, back in the library. It is my new favorite working place with its well-lit areas and nice computers. Funny how it took me until the last month of writing my Master’s thesis to realize that the library was a nice place to work. And this even includes my high school and undergraduate days.

Yes, Melissa and I did enjoy the 2-4 a.m. study fun during 24 hour week at the U of M, but beyond that, the library was just where you picked up the books that you would set on the cluttered desk in your crowded apartment before you went into the living to watch a season of Friends.

Hmmm.. Do I watch a lot of tv?

I actually don’t even own a tv. But the internet! ooohh the Internet, all the wonderful possibilities.

The other day, Matt and I had a convesation about encyclopedias. Encyclopedias, we decided, are a good way for children to learn about a lot of different things without even trying. Let’s say you want to look up, African elephants. First, you find the A, this doesn’t take too long- unless you are me, then you probably got distracted by thinking about what your favorite letter is, and then looking up the entry in the P encyclopedia that is closest to my name. Look at that! Already learning!

Okay, so you head back to the A. African elephants. Wait, Africa, wow. That seems so far away. And a map, wow! I wonder what these countries are like. I wonder what languages they speak. Wow, look at the tribal art, and the tribal dress. All this learning and you still haven’t even gotten to the African elephants section. There, you could learn that there are many more types of elephants and soon you will be looking up the largest elephant, or the weird pond of muddy water where the African elephant in the picture is sitting. What a life, looking at the encyclopedia.

So, moral of the story: Buy some encyclopedias for your kids, even if they’re old (the encyclopedias, not the kids). It’s just so much more educational than Google.

Besides, TGIF just isn’t as good as it used to be.

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