Posted by: patriciamar | May 15, 2009

The Leiden Library

As I sit in the Leiden Library, I am slightly annoyed at how my screen is sitting at an angle and I cannot seem to fix it. I am happy that I have a nice comfy chair though, so I cannot complain too much about the screen. I am hoping to finish my morphology paper here soon… But instead I find myself writing blogs, writing emails and searching for apartments. No specific location, no specific date, just looking. It’s fun.

Next I will check out the San Francisco scene for our upcoming trip. Perhaps I will try to get a massage there. I believe that I am in dire need of one.

I did some nice yoga videos on YouTube this morning, courtesy of my favorite online yoga lady, Esther, who is Dutch but lives somewhere in Ireland. I will try to include a link or two later… but she is really quite easy to find. I recommend her. Next I will meet Matt in Lipsius for some cheap soup before we meet a friend to study Indonesian. I wonder what kind of soup they will have today. It takes time to get used to these Dutch soups. Split Pea Soup (although it is good) comes around more often than I ever could have imagined.

Tonight will be drinks at Proost, the cheapest bar in Leiden as far as I can tell. There we hope to reunite with a few Mphil friends that have been a long time absent in our social lives. We’ll see.

The Leiden Library is a nice place to work and also to people-watch. Though I do sometimes find myself thinking that it is hard to people watch with all these computer screens in the way. Hmmm.. Maybe I should go up to the Reading Room… But really, that would be altogether a too obvious sort of people watching. Maybe I will go out to the canal benches later if it stops raining.

Yes, this would make for a lovely afternoon.  If all were to go swimmingly, I would even be done with my morphology paper by then.  We’ll see.

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