Posted by: patriciamar | May 13, 2009

A Summary of What it’s like to Live in Minneapolis without a Car

This is a comment from a NY Times article about a new carfree suburb in Germany. It pretty much sums up what it was like to live in Mpls without a car.

The article:

The Comment:
I’ve lived in Atlanta for 10 plus years. Supposedly it’s “impossible” to live in this car-centric, transit-poor city, but I haven’t found that to be the case. I’ve been able to get to and from work, get furnishings for my home, go grocery shopping, go to parties, and do everything I need to get done, without ever having a car. Still, the phenomenon is still considered such a novelty I’ve been profiled more than once by local newspapers!
I’m glad to talk to them, because people need to know it’s possible. Most of what makes it possible is one’s choices. There are many who take the buses and trains here because they can’t afford to drive, but there are many who can afford to drive who don’t need to but do so every day. These are people who live in “hip” urban areas next to train stations but drive SUVs to their jobs two miles away. These are people who ask me how I get my groceries, like it’s difficult to carry a couple of bags or wheel a grocery cart.
All in all, I find people very strange.
— Wendy


  1. Patricia. I love your blog. I also appreciate this comment, though I didn’t read the story (I have an exam in two hours and I’m commenting on your blog instead of typing my notes so they’re actually legible for this OPEN NOTES exam). And I’m glad you appreciate the poem! Ahhh, what a life! And the girl on roller blades…. typical. Typical C1000, typische Nederlands. Have they had any more parties there lately?


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