Posted by: patriciamar | March 24, 2009

Happy and Sterile

Why is it that being professional- especially in the U.S. (maybe other places as well, I’m just not sure)- means that you are “happy” and sterile?

The life of a stressed professional is all about making money, hiding your true personality, and releasing it all on the weekend.   Why is that having a “real” job comes with a “work voice?”  I was always made fun of for this by my friends (who, by the way, made me feel very nervous already if they called me at work), but when you don’t have a work voice, you just do not seem to sound professional.  Or should I say sterile?

For the same reason Facebook and Twitter (whatever that is) are causing youth today to lose job offers (this infamous Cisco-Twitter example) or get fired (one of many Facebook status update/message to friends incidents). Technology today is set up so that everyone can watch everything. If you don’t know how to control yourself and you don’t know how to properly set your Facebook privacy settings… you are pretty much screwed.

I’m not in any way saying you need to choose a more boring or sterile life- maybe just say No to Facebook, or just Read The Privacy Setting Manual! I don’t think this is really that difficult.
Just to make sure, I think I will check mine right now.
I also randomly to a “friend” thinning. Clearly, I do not talk to or send messages to these people, and in some cases, I don’t even know where these people or living or what they are doing.

… so no real offense if I defriend you. I think you are a nice person, we’ve just grown apart.

And when your security settings aren’t on… neither are mine.  It’s the truth.  Give it a Google.

In truth, I wish that we could all just be free-er and do what we want (on the weekend, at least), but this is just not the way society works.  Sorry.

When I had a job, I sometimes tried to be more relaxed.  If someone asked me how I was doing, I responded honestly… even if I wasn’t “great, thanks, and you?”

It is sad that when you search for a job, you are usually rushed and (more or less) desperate?  You don’t really have the time (or energy) to search for a job that you love.  This is really my ultimate goal… a job that I love.  Not just like a lot and this is reasonable, but a job that is worthwhile, good for the world, positive for children, and that I love.

In keeping with this, I just found a post and excerpt of advice on OvercaffeinatedKatie that I thought was in line with my thoughts.


  1. Very true, very sad. Total bummer.


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