Posted by: patriciamar | March 22, 2009

Gray Days

Gray days are one aspect of spring that people appreciate, but that you do not really hear much about.  For the last two weeks, it has been pretty sunny in Leiden.  The type of spring day when you just have to go outside because It’s Spring!  You have to Enjoy it!  People are out playing basketball, walking, running, cycling (even more than the usual), walking multiple dogs, playing soccer, drying their laundry outside, beating rugs, walking to the grocery store, and of course, buying more colorful flowers (both more in quantity, and more in color!).

Today, the morning was sunny, though a bit windy, and the afternoon was… gray.  Though no one will admit it, and no one will comment positively on it, these gray days are important as well.  Gray days are a chance for people to recover after playing hard outside for the last two weeks.  They are the chance to relax inside with a book and a nap without having to miss a day in the sun And- without having to admit that they are just exhausted! from all this playing in the fresh spring air.  Our winter bodies are just not used to all this warmth, sun, and fresh air, so a day inside is… nice.

I know that this is in fact, the case, because mother and father nature feel the same way.  For the same reason, there is always that freak blizzard in late March in Minnesota…or April, or May, and once in June…  People need a break from the spring rush to the head and a day for a nap without the guilt of being inside.  I think this type of gray day and/or blizzard, depending on your location, also helps to remind people to appreciate the spring- and to not tire yourself out too quickly.

I went out in the gray late afternoon today, and there was a strange sort of peaceful calm.  There were some people out doing the mandatory dog walking and a few serious cyclists, but other than that, there weren’t many people out at all.  It made me satisfied with my morning coffee and book reading, and with the fact that I was about to go right back in to the same.

My springtime advice… Play in the sun and get out in the fresh air, of course, but also appreciate the gray days.  Take a nap, lay low, and be happy that tomorrow will probably be sunny again.

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