Posted by: patriciamar | March 19, 2009

All About Alliteration

The Sweet Sixteen
The Elite Eight
The Final Four

People just eat it up. If you want a successful event, use alliteration in the title. If you want to build hype and excitement, add an adjective to go along with it.

The Linguist List is having Fund Drive Friday right now. I’ll tell you, when I saw that unique and exciting name – I was drawn in. Of course I spent a few minutes browsing around and contemplating a donation. It’s fun! It’s clever! It’s alliteration! (check it out if you like: – This is the organization that posts jobs, articles, etc, that have anything to do with linguistics and gives me hope that once I graduate, I will be able to find a job. Eventually.)

Back to alliteration… Let’s say you’re having a bake sale.  It’s for the kids.  Maybe for… new playground equipment.  You can’t just say Bake Sale: Sunday: help us raise money… You just must use alliteration.

Don’t be a cookie monster!  Sunday is a fun-day for LHS!  Attend the Bobcat Baking Bash and help us build our Jaw-Dropping Jungle Gym dreams come true!

Or this one, for the cheerleading car wash fundraiser… (But not so much for the kids)

[Car] Feelin’ dirty?  Suds up Saturday with the Sunnyside Shouters!

(As a side note:  I don’t recommend you actually use this one for a high school fundraiser.  You are likely to be suspended.)

Rhyming also sometimes helps.  Best of luck to you.

And be sure to watch the Sweet Sixteen next Thursday.  It’ll be like nothing you’ve ever not missed.

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