Posted by: patriciamar | March 13, 2009

Bad News Bears

I used to be a fairly avid New York Times reader.  Nowadays, I find that I log on about once a month rather than once a day.  Reading the constant news about the economy and how it’s too dangerous to visit Mexico (yeah, right) is only depressing.  Also, as I mentioned earlier, I am really looking for things in my life to be a little lighter, more positive, and perhaps gleeful.  When I have to decide whether I am going to spend the next few years suffering over the economic crisis and downturn of the markets or just live in a world with a bit less news (okay, a lot less news) and a life of current event ignorance,  I think I might choose the ignorance.

I think maybe I’ll get my news from other sources… people watching, maybe even talking to real people, (talking to people about the economic crisis doesn’t count).  I’ll give this a try and see if I can find out more (and better) news from the Actual Real World.  Not the supposed real world that is in the news.  I hope that I have a little more faith than that.

Right now, just headlines seem to be enough to get the gist of what’s going on without having to suffer through the depressing articles.  Is this a contest?  Who can come up with the worst news?  nationwide?  worldwide?  Thank goodness for podcasts so you can actually sit and listen to radio shows that have a purpose and have a purpose higher than telling you how bad it is in the world right now.

I am not a huge fan (or expert) on the field of economics, but I do know that many times economists forget to mention one important aspect.  People are important.

You constantly hear how confidence is down, confidence is down.  But it seems the only response the media has is to tell you that confidence is down and how the markets, currency, etc.  have plummeted due to this drop in confidence.  What a way to build confidence.  How interesting that when the initial stimulus plan was in progress, the markets seemed to go up a bit… steady fluctulence at the least.  Now this stimulus plan has been ripped apart and insulted by the media (and politicians) so much that it seems that people aren’t even that hopeful about it anymore.

Yesterday, I actually did go on the New York Times, and there was an article about how many big city newspapers are declaring bankrupcy or shutting down.  I think I would like to see the content of these papers over their last few months.  Will they go out with a bang and give the worst bad news Ever(!) in order to really be that big bad news headline of the day!?  Or will they stop biting the hand that feeds them, and at least report on news in a well-rounded, educational, informative, and helpful manner?

We’ll see.

I love newspapers, so I wish them luck.  For now, I am going to be positive that at least a few will pull through.

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