Posted by: patriciamar | January 18, 2009


It is always a wonderful day when you rediscover a song that you once loved. Like any reasonable person, I once had a grand obsession with the song Jellyhead, by Crush, and I have now reentered this stage of my life. Thank goodness for YouTube where I am able to find any song that I desire at the drop of a hat. This is also where I find joy in watching old video clips of Sarah Palin as a sports broadcaster or episodes of Fran Drescher in The Nanny. I certainly didn’t mean to turn this post into a epitaph of love for YouTube. But really, how could one not appreciate the wonder?

I will admit, I was at first not a fan, but after my 7 year old cousin showed me the ease and wonder of video clips and homemade music videos… wow. It completes me. If only I could utilize the full potential of such a media sharing site and create and post videos of myself and my friends dancing and- what we only wish would just be lip-syncing- to one-hit wonders from our middle school days.

“…we were only freshman…”

Perhaps someday I will aspire to such a feat. For now, I will continue to watch others’ works of wonder and continue to spend countless hours watching pointless media marvels. In order to assist any of you that struggle in finding such obsessions, here are a few possibilities:
(Please note that all of these come from either my own personal fixations or those of my close friends and family.)

1. The Jetsons
2. A capella
3. public transportation videos
4. The Nanny
5. various other old and equally unpopular sitcoms
6. Dolly Parton music videos (yes, these do actually exist)
7. Language learning tools
8. I like dogs and/or Pugs in the Summer (these are a must-see)
9. Again, because this IS worth mentioning again: Sarah P. as a sports broadcaster
10. Classics put onto YouTube from vinyl (These are available for a variety of artists including Billy Joel, Elvis, Queen, and Kenny Rogers.)

Best of Luck, and I hope you find your own personal YouTobian retreat from reality.

On a side note, currently I can hear wafts from the shower where my husband is ever so lightheartedly singing, “Catch a falling star.” What more can you ask for a rainy January day in the Netherlands?


  1. Some fun youtube videos to keep you and Matt busy and entertained…. if you don’t find them as funny as I do……. my bad.

    Fascinating stuff. These videos may have changed my life!

    And since this comment is already long, I am very much enjoying your blog and was thrilled to find three new posts since my last check (which was…. forever ago). I’ll have to do a better job of keeping up!


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