Posted by: patriciamar | May 23, 2016

Release Party

This weekend was a whirlwind of almost surreal fun!

It started on Friday with a “Case by Case Basis” release party.  After 11 hours, yes ELEVEN HOURS, of fun and friends and coworkers and neighbors and community members, I went to bed because I could no longer stand up on my own two legs.  There are no pictures; Matt and I were altogether too busy mingling and refreshing cheese plates and drinks, but I can tell you that there was talking and laughing and dreaming of all sorts.  We also ate a lot of Marin French Cheese.

I did one reading early on in the evening, putting all my efforts into reading Modern Tintype in a way that would do its teenage storyline justice.

I meant to do a second reading, but it never came about.  I think by the third wave of guests at ten or eleven p.m., there was too much boisterous laughter for a reading anyway.  I’ll do a little of the requested Screwtape Tales in a month or so at Sudwerk, I suppose.  (Stay tuned!)

Saturday was Chinese food, a little late evening post-clean-up brut, and recovery.

Sunday was another story altogether.  I spent the evening at the Mondavi Center enjoying a UC Davis symphony orchestra performance.  What was especially spectacular about this was that the first piece,  Cavatine, was composed by Chris Castro, a friend from the good ‘ole Davis Beer Shoppe.  This piece won the UC Davis Symphony Orchestra’s Concerto Competition.

It was strange and fun and a little unbelievable to hear a symphony orchestra play a song composed by someone you know.  And it was great!  I got goosebumps, starting from the strange low solo baritone notes on through the powerful and enchanting finish!

What fun it is to live in a university town!  What’s in store for next week here in lovely Davis??


  1. SO happy the release party turned out so great! Congratulations sweetheart!

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