Posted by: patriciamar | March 14, 2016

Moon Over Madeline Island

madeline island

Photo courtesy of Captain Bob

Moon Over Madeline Island” is the perfect book to read on a much-needed vacation or staycation.  It’s the first in a series of three, the last of which I haven’t read yet, since I only recently discovered its existence!  Thank goodness I’m doing this month of favorite books.  It has really gotten me back on track with my favorite authors and series.

I really enjoyed flying through this set of books.  Jay Gilbertson does a great job of creating this quirky world, set in small town Wisconsin, and later, on the adorable and enviable Madeline Island on Lake Superior.  For many in the region, living on an island like this is truly the promise land.  As for the book, it’s light, funny and a bit odd.  My favorite part, though, is the characters.  The character development is done so well that sometimes I remember something someone said about cherries or in a hair salon, and I realize that it wasn’t a real person, but instead the words of Eve or Ruby.  If I work hard, I think I can develop Ruby’s snappy personality by 45, that’d be just delightful!

Another reason this book is appealing to me is the midwest loca
tion.  I’m from the midwest (Minnesota!), so some of the comforts of back home come out while I’m reading.  The dish references, the small town talk, even the dialect makes me feel a little warm and cozy  inside–although I might be far away in another state or country.

It just so happens that I am heading to the beach this weekend, so I’d better get to the library and get the third book!  I hope it’s available last minute, otherwise–to Kindle, I go!moon over





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