Posted by: patriciamar | March 2, 2016

The Thirteenth Tale

The Thirteenth Tale, by Diane Setterfield, is one of my VERY favorite books.  I really, truly love it, so much that sometimes I see it on the shelf and then pick it up to read.  I don’t put it back down for hours.  Right now, in fact, I’m considering abandoning this blog post because I could use a reread.  I’m due.  This was a dollar book at the WEAVE thrift store in Sacramento (a non-profit that is working to end domestic violence and sexual assault, as well as help survivors in the community).

I bought the book because the cover was beautiful.  It made me think of Belle’s Bookshelf.  Yeah, don’t be shy.  If you’re reading this, you probably know exactly what I’m talking about.  By the way, there’s an amazing tattoo, ahem, literary based tattoo of this image.  Before this list of Bookish tattoos from Bookglow, I’d never really seriously considered a tattoo.thirteenth tale

The Thirteenth Tale is of a genre that I cannot describe.   It’s a novel.  That’s about as specific as I can get.  I’ve heard it called Gothic.  It’s mysterious and well written in a poetic, descriptive and spell binding way. It’s a little creepy- no, eerie- at times, and just delicious at others.  The main character, Margaret Lea, has a job that I would want, a father that I would want, and a bookstore/home that I would want, but other than that, I don’t envy her in the slightest.  It’s a strange hard coming and going for her.  Oy!  I need to get home and crack this one again.   I  miss you, Vida Winter.  See you sooooon.



  1. The Thirteenth Tale is magic in ink.


    • I completely agree! By coincidence, just last night I watched the BBC dramatized version and now I want to read it again.


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