Posted by: patriciamar | September 18, 2013

Going Home

Almost three years to the day, we are about to reenter Holland. It was a long wait, yes, but I think that I truly wasn’t prepared to come back until quite recently. It’s difficult to come back to a place that you love and know that you will only have a taste- a week or so to do all the things that you love and try a few new things. After a one-night stopover in Munich, a train delay, and one long, rainy day of Deutsche Bahn trains, we are about to cross the border into the Netherlands. Just after checking into our airbnb stop- you all know airbnb, right? We’ll be going out for a wandel and maybe our first of a few glasses of verse munt thee – a glass with a bunch of fresh mint with boiling water. The first two nights will be spent in Leiden, followed by a week in Amsterdam.


p.s. The Augustiner and the Hofbräuhaus were awesome. Next time you are in Munich, be sure to visit both. When you are at the Hofbräuhaus, go upstairs to the third floor straightaway (second floor European). There’s music, more air- it can get mighty sweaty downstairs, and I swear, the food is better. Oh, my kartoffelknudeln! At the Augustiner, get the half liter of the dunkel- no maß for this delicious beer. It tastes a little more Czech dark than you might be used to for a German dunkel, but it’s oh, so, worth it. At the Augustiner, get the pork knuckles. No, don’t overthink it, just do it.

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