Posted by: patriciamar | May 24, 2010

Properly Carsick

So I was on the second floor of a double-decker bus with seventy other students driving through the Alps, and they decided to put on a movie.

Great!  I thought.  I could use a nice movie to fall asleep, and sleep is always welcome at the end of a 20 hour bus ride south from the Netherlands.   There were a few students who were yelling requests or had brought movies along (The Notebook! I heard yelled from the back).  They quickly chose the worst possible movie to watch on a winding path up the mountains in the middle of the night, obviously wanting every student on the bus to become properly carsick by the time we reached the ski resort in Risoul.   “A Perfect Storm” appeared on the screen, and the nightmare began…

Has anyone actually seen this movie?  It’s horrible.  Plus, at the end, everyone dies!  Quite tragic really, but when I have to put in headphones and put a shirt over my head so I can escape the raging seas of an ocean  storm- while on a bus winding up a mountain path… I don’t really care whether George Clooney wants to prove himself or not.  I think he should have just kept his boat in the harbor and found a new career.

If you are ever in charge of movies on a bus, next time, please consider the route the bus will be taking and keep in mind that the whole point of movie is to distract the passengers, not to blast their senses with noise, chaos, and movement- followed by tragic death.

Maybe The Notebook would have been better after all.


  1. I am in COMPLETE agreement, Patricia!! I am sure I would be in worse shape than you were!


  2. You know what my real preference is, but since you must adjust to living in the Usa gradually by moving to California… I would love to visit you in San Fran.


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